India: Third time's a charm (we hope!)

Greetings from Norfolk airport!  Please forgive the typos surely coming your way as I knock this out on my phone.

Happy Thanksgiving, one day late.  You know, it was right after another major holiday when I scribed one of these "here we go again" posts.  Been a very busy summer and fall which is why it's been radio silence in these parts.  With all that work, though, it's time for some fun.  Matt and I are off to the sub-continent and this time it's vacation!  More specifically, it's the "bucket list of India" trip.

Major items on the agenda include:
- seeing the Taj Mahal
- touring a fort in Jaipur, and hopefully with the assistance of an elephant
- finally riding a tuk tuk (auto rickshaw) to continue rounding out my portfolio of transportation modes
- attending a friend's wedding
- which also means donning a sari (!!!)
- exploring some caves off of Mumbai's coast
- watching Matt take in all that is India

So friends, for those of you who come (came?) here for the travel posts more so than the sewing posts, today and the next two weeks are your days.  But first, 15 hours in coach.  Pass the wine, will you?

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John Irwin said...

Yeah!!! Great to have the blog back up and running. I will look forward to frequent updates.


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