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Wow, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it?  Almost 7 weeks, I think.  Matt pointed out to me that this is the longest continuous stretch I’ve been home in 2012 so far.   Kind of a bizarre thought.

During the radio silence a few of you have sent some emails my way to say “hi” or to see if I was still alive.  Thanks!  It’s so nice to have a fan club, however miniscule it may be.  I thought I’d hop on here to provide a brief update on things and hopefully get myself back into blogging form.  So, in loose chronological order, here’s what’s been shaking on this end:

  1. As soon as the plane wheels touched down on US soil I was gearing up for a weekend in Virginia to attend Matt’s ten year college reunion.  My jet lag was mercifully in control pretty quickly and it was a fantastic few days in one of our favorite places.
  2. The following weekend, I ran and completed the half marathon.  And, I beat my target pace.  Hooray!
  3. In our “Summer To-Do List,” we’ve checked off a Cubs’ game, an outdoor concert at Ravinia, fireworks on the beach, hours of dogs and Frisbees on the beach, and lots of dinners/drinks with friends of all sorts.
  4. Work’s been all over the place project-wise but geographically in Chicago for now.
  5. On a related note, should you be missing stories of India, may I direct your attention to this story from last weekend’s NY Times?  It’s a bit softer than the tales you normally find here but it’s an enjoyable read.  “...that patch of idiosyncratic wonder, Mumbai,” is one of the best ways I’ve heard the city described so far.
  6. On a separate note, should you be missing stories of sewing, may I ask that you come back in a few days?  Yes!  That’s right, there’s been some sewing going on lately and I’ve got stuff to share.
  7. However, patience is needed because right now the big thing on my radar is another architect registration exam.  I’ve been trying to plow through these as long as I’m home; tomorrow will be the second of four I hope to knock out before getting on a plane again.  Where’s a Ganesha when I need one?

Let’s chat again soon.

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