India: Round Four

Shortly after returning from India in December, life took a dramatic turn in the travel department. I headed down to North Carolina for Christmas and, while doing some holiday shopping, picked up this make-up kit for my sister and myself.  Who knew eye shadow could also foreshadow?  From early December through late March, I had the distinct honor of finding myself at O'Hare airport every. single. week.  New destination?  Columbus, Ohio.  Not quite the same as Mumbai but it sure can feel like it takes just as long to get there given the repeated flight delays the little toy planes have each time we head out.

Anyway, thus the radio silence until now.  Not that anything has slowed down.  In fact, I'd say it's gotten even faster.  Which brings me to current state: traveling to Mumbai for a one week trip to work with my team here on a project being run out of Chicago and built in Columbus.  Hello, multi-national teamwork!

For this go-around on the blog, I think I'll just try and do daily summaries of whatever crosses my path.  I wasn't going to bother keeping up with it, given the short duration, but I will admit it's been fun to revisit some of the posts every now and then.  So, let's do this thing.

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