Please Prepare for Landing...

...because round 2 of life in India has begun.

There are few hard and fast rules of blogging, I think, but one truth I've learned is that as soon as you finish a post by saying, "I'll post again soon," you pretty much guarantee the opposite will happen. So sorry for leaving you kids hanging last month. It was a busy 7 weeks back in the States and here I am now, in Mumbai, unpacking for 7 weeks in India.

Before we kick things back into gear I have a few items to cover, some of which will help explain my absence. We'll get through this and then return to our regularly scheduled India programming, with a pit stop in Frankfurt, Germany!

1. We celebrated Hudgins' 9th birthday. He's a grumpy old man, if you couldn't tell by this picture.
2. I had a week-long trip to upstate New York for a little side project with work. Upstate New York is, well, not New York City. However, I did drop in (hahaha) on Niagara Falls.

3. We undertook a weekend project. And by "a weekend project" I mean a project that has consumed almost every weekend since Thanksgiving: a kitchen renovation that engulfed our entire first floor. These last 7 weeks have been full of finish work to get the place back in running order. Of course, touch-up painting remains and the toe kicks need to match the cabinets but all things in time. The parents have been begging for photos so without further ado, here they are.

4. While on the topic of all things architectural, I had the brilliant idea to start studying for my architectural licensing exams. Exams, plural. This joyful series is 7 tests long and I'm going to try to study, take, and pass this mess while hopping continents. Why? Because I honestly do better when I have too much to do. Wish me lots of luck, por favor.

5. Last but not least, a loyal and kind reader - Meigan - has nominated me for my first blogging award. Many thanks! My tardy response probably hasn't won me any additional points! Here goes:

Favorite Color: Navy. I try to break out of the mold on this one but can't seem to do it.

Favorite Animal: Hudgins and/or Charlotte, depending on who ate/pooped on/slept on/tore up what today.

Favorite Number: 3

Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Um, really? Why take the fun out? Coffee it is.

Facebook or Twitter: I'm growing less and less interested.

My Passion: Sewing, when there's the time.

Getting or Giving Presents: Giving.

Favorite Pattern: I can't say that I have a favorite, but the sewing folks out there seem to like this one, this one, and this one.

Favorite Day of the Week: Thursday. This is deeply embedded from my junior high days, where Friday was band test day which meant Thursday was far more peaceful; it didn't involve 6 periods of sweating palms and nervous heart pounding. Nerd alert!

Favorite Flower: Tulip.

Favorite Celebrity Role Model: I often feel the terms "celebrity" and "role model" are mutually exclusive.

My Sunshine Award Nominees: To these fine friends! Kate, Sarah, and Adri. And to this total stranger, whose writing is not for the mild mannered but he's hilarious and crafty.

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