India: Weekend Outing - Back with the Germans

There was a street festival of sorts happening not far from the hotel.  Advertised as the “Indo-German Urban Melee,” the festival promised to highlight ways India and Germany could learn from each other when developing their respective nations.  Architecture, urban planning, energy, technology, social issues, and all that jazz were part of the exhibits.  Each exhibit was housed in a pop-up tent and the whole assembly suggested this melee might be like a mini World’s Fair.  Ok, neat! 

I packed up my day bag and strolled along the sidewalks.  I’ve taken to literally strolling here and thus I understand one reason why timely arrivals are not that prevalent or demanded.  It’s too hot to move quickly and no one else is going to so save yourself the trouble and sweat.  Slow it down!

The sidewalks surrounding the melee park site were packed, as usual.  I still can’t figure out where all these people are coming from or where they are going.  Seeing the crowds caused me to instinctively put my game face on and prepare for pushing and shoving in the pop-up tents.

Kids, I think I located the least populated place in all of Mumbai and perhaps India.  Hardly a soul traipsed about the Indo-German melee.  And here I thought I’d be among “my people,” the Germans, while simultaneously hanging out with my adopted brethren.  I guess we don’t want to be friends after all!

Despite the tumbleweeds blowing by – truly, the fresh-laid sod had dried up and was now blowing about with the very dirt it was to disguise – I enjoyed walking throughout the pavilions.  I can’t say too much about the exhibits themselves.  “Exhibits” is a stretch.  I’d put them more in the “conference vendor showroom” category.  Bosch seemed not to have done its homework because few visitors stopped by for information on their panel-ready dishwashers.  Gee, I’m shocked.

 I wish I had a funny story or a quick anecdote to share but alas, if there are no people around there are few chances for entertaining interactions.  Auf wiedersehen, Indo-German Urban Melee.  You lived up to the “melee” term quite well.

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