India: Seen and heard

Running by the bay:

Middle-aged woman wearing this t-shirt.  Kind of bold for these folks but apparently it’s a hot seller in the local shops.

Then, a disheveled man, clearly not playing with a full deck of cards, wearing nothing but a t-shirt and a towel around his waist.  A stray dog approached him.  In a fit of anger, he flashed the dog.  And me.  A lot. 

(Go ahead and make the connection between the crazy man and the woman’s t-shirt.  It’s not hard to do.)

In the hotel lobby:

South African cricket player: Excuse me, where are you from?
(Here we go again, for the third time in a week.)
Me: The US.
South African cricket player: Dammit.  My buddies and I first said “America” but then I thought, “No, must be south of France.  Or Germany.”  Now I owe them drinks.

So now I’m the subject of hotel lobby bets?  Swell.

On the Mumbai local railways this week:

(photo: postnoon.com)

Didn’t I just say something about lawsuits waiting tohappen?

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