India - 40 Days, 40 Nights

(12 hours ago)

Greetings from Air India.

Yep, that’s right, I’ve left on a jet plane and I have only a slight idea as to when I’ll be back again.

We’re into hour 16 of the aeronautical journey back to the US and miraculously, I’ve been able to log about 10 hours of sleep on the flight. That, and my general radio silence on the blog this week, should be solid indications as to how busy my last few days in Mumbai were.

Don’t think that my return to the US means the stories have finished, too! I actually have about 3-5 other posts in the hopper and pictures to boot. So, stick around while I adjust to life back at home and begin preparing for the next jaunt back to the subcontinent. Tales of traffic, men, and a final weekend outing await, among other things.

Newark Airport is showing up on the flight map. A bagel and some legitimate drip coffee have my name on them. Tomorrow night it’s CHICAGO STEAK with my most tolerant and patient husband. A bad joke about a hunk of meat and a hunk of man is on my mind. Blame it on the altitude.

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